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The type of sewing determines the type of sewing machine you should buy. For example, initial sewers would prefer a sewing machine that is simply designed for ease of use and maintenance, while sewers that have considerable experience prefer a machine with innovative features such as the ability to run an unlimited variety of projects.

However, the decisive factor remains the brand of the sewing machine, because not all are the same. Brother’s Sewing Machine brand is a leading brand known for its high-quality construction, outstanding performance and affordable price.

The Brother CS6000i, for example, is the best-selling computer-controlled sewing machine with a wide range of sewing and quilting capabilities. Another brother model, the SE400, was the number one selling embroidery machines on Amazon. It is an excellent combo sewing and embroidery machine and comes with 98 types of stitching features and 67 different types of sewing stitches.

Below are some of Brother’s favorite sewing machines.

Brother XL2600i sewing machine

The “one stop express solution” for most, if not all, of your needs is the Brother XL2600i sewing machine. This mechanical sewing machine is able to meet not only regular sewing requirements, but also any quilting, crafting, projects and home decor you want to do. The XL2600i has 26 built-in heirloom and decorative stitches with a total of 59 sewing functions.

The XL2600i tap is built in and its needle threader is automatic, giving the user the greatest comfort quickly and accurately, two factors that are critical when your sewing schedule has a deadline. You can even make knitted creations with the XL2600i by using the decorative, blind hem and built-in stretch along with various quilting options. These stitches are made possible by the built-in twin needle of the XL2600i.

Other notable features of the XL2600i include a size automatic buttonhole manufacturer that has controlled balance stitching, a thread tension selection control, an automatic winding system for convenient, uncomplicated drop-in coil placement, a bilingual easy-to-follow instruction manual, a 25-year-old (limited ) Guarantee and a versatile free arm that allows the user to sew sleeves, cuffs and small cylindrical items to children’s clothing. You can see my full review of this sewing machine here.


Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

The Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine is an upgraded version of the XL2600i that is already considered one of the best sewing machines in its class, and praised by the majority of those who have bought it as the number one computerized sewing machine, its accessibility and ease of use User friendliness. The CS6000i has a start / stop button that can be used without foot control.

In addition, the speed control of this Brother model is variable, so you can adjust the sewing speed faster. It is also resistant to jamming due to its drop-in spool, which can be easily set up for quick access to the bobbin thread. With the CS6000i you do not have to “fish” for your bobbin thread. Like all Brother sewing machine models, the CS6000i has an easy-to-understand bilingual operating manual and a 25-year (limited) warranty. You can see my full review of this sewing machine here.

Brother SE400 sewing and embroidery machine

Technology meets art. This is the best way to describe the Brother SE400 sewing machine. Considered by most to be the best computer-aided embroidery machine available on the market today, the best of the SE400 is beneficial for both beginners and professional drains, a rarity for most sewing machines in its class. The SE400 not only provides the user with embroidery features, but also stitching, garment construction, heirloom and mending.

While the SE400 is often compared to the Brother SE350, the former comes with a major upgrade feature: a USB port for downloading samples and designs and their availability as updates via a PC or laptop. This feature ensures that you can access these latest patterns and designs in good time (if they are still trendy). The SE400 is suitable for medium sewers, although there is no reason to prevent beginners from using them and finding them satisfactory. You can see my full review of this sewing machine here.

Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Sewing Machine


The Brother XR9500PRW is a limited edition model with – catch your breath – 100 built-in heirlooms and decorative stitches, each with a number of noteworthy features. Its 7mm zigzag and zigzag stitches are oversized to complement the built-in font and allow for some monogramming.

The XR9500PRW has 55 alphanumeric integrated stitches for monogram and lettering that you can use for towels, pillowcases and even denim jackets. It features an LED-lit stitch picker, an advanced needle threading system, an automatic thread trimmer, 140 easy-to-access sewing stitches, a hard case, a stitching table and a handy stitch card to guide the incipient sewer.

All other features of the other Brother models can be found in the XR9500PRW. However, what makes it unique are the seven sewing feet with the specially developed monogram foot. Another notable feature of the XR9500PRW is its ability to stitch fabrics such as fleece and elastic at a speed of 850 SPM (stitches per minute) with professional accuracy and accurate accuracy. More about this sewing machine can be found here on Amazon.

Why choose a Brother sewing machine?

Of course, different Brother sewing machine models have different prices because of features that may exist in some, but not others, and some may even be completely upgraded. The common features found in each model are its versatility, large selection of preinstalled stitches, their respective pattern and design retention and execution capabilities, 25-year (limited) warranty, free telephone customer care and durability ,

There are also a few other good Brother models you can try, such as the Brother XM2701 and the Brother LS2125i Beginner Sewing Machine. And if you’re looking for a high-quality serger machine, you can not go wrong with the Brother Serger 1034D, which you can find by clicking here:

If you are looking for a high quality embroidery machine and would like a Brother model, then you should take a look at the Brother PE770 embroidery machine. It is certainly a first class model that has passed the test of time.

Choose the model that can meet your needs at your proximity level. All Brother sewing machines are affordable, so the price will not be a problem, according to customer reviews that would be your best source of information, performance ratings, etc.

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