The 5 Best Handheld Sewing Machines For Easy, Quick Repairs


Hand sewing machines allow you to carry out repairs and conversions on the move. Some machines can even tackle some big sewing projects. Their light weight and compact design make them easy to drive and many also offer battery operation for wireless use.

There are many handheld devices on the market today. Here are our five tips for the best models:

The 5 best hand sewing models

1. Meditool Lightweight sewing machine

Meditool’s lightweight sewing machine is slightly larger than its predecessor and is more like a large sewing machine.

This model actually has 12 stitches and multiple sewing speed options. And surprisingly, this model can also be powered by batteries (4, AA). It can also be operated with a DC 6V 1.2A power supply.

The Meditool sewing machine weighs only 2.8 kg and has dimensions of 31.5 cm x 29 cm x 15 cm.

To make your life easier, this machine has an automatic winder, reverse sewing, free arm, stitch selector switch, LED lighting and thread tension control.

The presser feet are easy to change and you can adjust the stitch length and width.



  • Easy to use
  • Light
  • Battery or cable operation
  • 12 stitches
  • Advanced features than other models in the list
  • Great for beginners




  • Not ideal for complex projects


The Meditool Lightweight Sewing Machine is ideal for most projects, but complicated projects may require a full-size sewing machine.

This model is as close as you come to a full-size sewing machine without losing wearability.

2. dilib mini sewing machine

The mini sewing machine from Dilib is larger than the other machines on our list. In essence, it is a miniature version of a professional sewing machine. But this model also offers the convenience of being able to run on batteries (4, AA).

Of course you can also use a power supply cable for longer sewing times.

This mini sewing machine also has some impressive features such as string trimmer, illuminated workstation, foot pedal and control switch. There is even a U-shaped slot at the bottom of the machine for easy sewing of sleeves and legs.

Double speed control and double threads allow you to sew larger projects with this machine.

dilib contains a foot pedal, 4 spools, 1 needle, 1 needle threader and an external power supply.



  • Design looks like a normal sewing machine
  • Easy to use
  • Really portable, with battery operation
  • Works with a wide range of fabrics
  • Thanks to the U-shaped slot, you can sew trouser legs and sleeves



The only complaint with this machine is that there is no way to sew backwards. Back sewing can be helpful to lock stitches, but the absence of this feature is not a deal breaker.

If you need a portable machine that can handle larger tasks, this mini sewing machine is a great option.

3. Haitral mini-fast stitch tool

Haitral’s mini staple gun also offers wireless operation and a lightweight design that makes sewing on the move easier.

The Mini Quick Stitch Tool is only 8 “x 2.7” x 1.4 “.

Some users have difficulty learning how to use this type of sewing machine, which is very different from a conventional machine. That’s why Haitral has created a tutorial video that explains how to use the device properly.


Like other models on this list, this sewing machine can be powered by batteries or with a DC 6V adapter plug. The plug is not included, nor are the batteries.

Haitral contains three reels, three sewing needles and a threader.



  • Handheld operating
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Runs on batteries or power adapter
  • including accessories



As with the Stingsew machine, Haitral does not contain batteries or the adapter plug. But for the price of the machine you really can not complain.

Haitral’s Mini Stitch tool is truly portable and allows you to make point-to-point repairs no matter where you are in the world.

4. Hand sewing machine Royalsell

The hand sewing machine from Royalsell is characterized by an ultra-portable design and wireless operation. You may not be able to do any major sewing on this machine, but you can make changes and make repairs quickly and easily.

This device can be powered by 4 AA batteries or a DC 6V AC adapter (not included).

You really can not beat the price of this pocket sewing machine that offers a surprising number of features. The machine is easy to thread, and you can even control the tension with the rotation of a dial.

The design is simple but it can handle small sewing with surprising ease. This machine only works with one thread, so you have to tie the node itself.

Due to its compact size and low weight, this machine is not compatible with thick or thin fabrics. The company proposes to use a fabric that is about 1.88 mm tall.

The machine is supplied with a spindle, a needle, a needle threader and two spools.



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can drain batteries
  • Comes with almost everything you need to get started (minus the batteries)




  • Can only work with certain types of fabrics


This hand sewing machine works only with fabrics that are about 1.88 mm thick. Anything thinner or thicker will be difficult to work with. If you want to use this device for denim changes or repairs, you may need to look for another device.

Otherwise, this machine is ideal for small changes and repairs on the road.

5. Stingsew portable sewing machine

Stingsew’s portable sewing machine has a similar design to the Royalsell machine. The main difference between the two models is that Stingsew says that you can use this machine to sew denim, silk and almost any other fabric.

I’m not sure it will do it, but it seems to work well with most fabrics.

This portable sewing machine can be powered by 4 AA batteries or a DC 6V adapter (not included). The tension control knob is located on the upper front of the machine, just above the needle. The spool and spinner are located at the bottom of the machine for easy access.

All buttons and buttons are easily accessible and can be used during the handheld.



  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Can drain batteries
  • Easy to thread and use




  • Batteries and cables not included


The only real complaint with this device is that the manufacturer does not include batteries or the adapter plug. It’s hard to beat the price of this machine, so the extra cost of buying these components is negligible.

The Stingsew portable sewing machine is ideal for anyone who needs a machine for repairs and conversions.

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